Action Update


The announcement that a special prosecutor has been named to investigate the relationship between Russia and the administration is yet one more signal that our advocacy is working. Thanks to everyone who called, wrote postcards, or attended a town hall meeting.

While this is an encouraging development, we have to remain active and vocal. Be ready to raise your voices on healthcare or proposed budget cuts to key areas of government, including the Department of Education.

Our next RaisingVoicesUSA meeting is on June 6, and several of our committees are planning special advocacy events in June. We hope to see and connect with you soon!

Ways to take action this week:

Learn more about the President's budget

We anticipate that the President's budget will be released tomorrow (Tuesday). There are reports of severe cuts to key governmental programs and agencies, including Medicaid and the Department of Education. RISE Stronger has put together a working document that will be updated as details of the new budget become public. Since your elected officials will ultimately decide the fate of the budget, now is the time to understand the implications of the proposed budget and to speak up about preserving vital agencies and programs. Click here to access it. 

Speak up for Net neutrality

Recently, the FCC took its first step towards eliminating Net neutrality. Without Net neutrality, service providers will be able to charge you more to access various sites or change the speed at which you can access content. Net neutrality is at the heart of the open Internet — you can find out more about Net neutrality and why it matters here. The FCC is taking public comments on this issue until July 17. You can speak up in support of a free and open Internet here.

Raise your voice for healthcare

The House vote on the American Healthcare Act is not the end of the healthcare debate. The bill now moves to the Senate, where it will be revised. This guide from Indivisible outlines the ways you can raise your voice and advocate for a more equitable and compassionate healthcare system. As the Senate develops their own version of a healthcare bill, they need to see that we will hold our elected officials accountable for their votes, and they do need to hear from us. Find your elected officials' contact information here. We need to raise our voices every day to remind our public servants that we are watching them. Healthcare Committee members--there will be a Healthcare Committee meeting this Thursday, May 25 at 7:30 pm at Turn of the Corkscrew Bookstore, RVC.