Healthcare Call to Action

Healthcare info and CALL TO ACTION. Here is the Whip Count from the NYT:…/poli…/health-care-whip-count.html…

The Republicans are scrambling to rush Trump’s health care bill through Congress. 

The latest bill tries to once again kick 24 million Americans off health care AND end protection for pre-existing conditions. 

We need to call our reps!

1. Representative Tom Reed in the Ithaca area is leaning YES
(202) 225-3161 zip code 14850 

2. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik in the Plattsburgh area is still listening to constituent feedback. 
202) 225-4611 zip code 12901

3. Congressman Peter King phone in Long Island hasn't made a public statement yet. 
(516) 541-4225 zip 11762 

4. Congressman John Faso in Kingston, New York wants to see the final language before he decides. 
518) 610-8133 zip code: 12401 

Find numbers at

Whip Count: Republicans Who Are Against the Revised Health Care Bill

A revised bill to replace the Affordable Care Act is pending in the House.