Action Update

The shooting in Alexandria last week was a stark reminder that rhetoric does not exist in a vacuum. Words can influence actions. As debates on contentious issues continue daily, we want to thank RaisingVoicesUSA members for being committed to finding common ground and to taking positive, purposeful, and informed action in support of our shared values.

The next two weeks are pivotal weeks for healthcare advocacy. The Senate continues to work behind closed doors and there has been no opportunity for public debate or feedback about their proposed healthcare plan. Even members of the Republican Party have expressed frustration about the secrecy of the process.

We must all advocate in support of a compassionate, common-sense healthcare bill that does not put our most vulnerable citizens at risk.

Ways to take action this week:

Make daily calls about healthcare

Healthcare is our number one priority for the week. The Senate is pushing to pass their version of the American Healthcare Act by July 4, with no public input. Indivisible has daily scripts you can use to contact your elected official, and we urge you to do so every day. Public pressure can affect the course of this bill and the future of healthcare in the United States. Click here to access daily call scripts and other resources, and please share this resource with friends and family.

Take a deep breath, and find common ground

We know that raising your voice is hard work and that in the midst of our daily advocacy, it can be hard to find time and space to connect with people who don't share your perspective. But doing so can help foster a deeper understanding and can help bridge seemingly insurmountable divides. How can we start? Last week, faith leaders from around the world and across multiple religions offered up an appeal for people to make friends with someone from a different religion. Each leader spoke about their own experience connecting with someone from a different faith and how it enriched their own practice while shattering stereotypes. This summer, we encourage you to try finding common ground in uncommon places – whether that's befriending someone of a different faith, a different political party, or even a sports fan who roots for your arch rival. Our own advocacy can only be strengthened by connecting with as many people as possible, and we are enriched personally by our understanding and appreciation of myriad perspectives.