Urgent: Action Update on Healthcare

Today the Senate released their version of the American Healthcare Act. Like the House version of the bill, it severely cuts Medicaid funding, increases health costs for many, scales back coverage for pre-existing conditions, and eliminates Planned Parenthood funding. The bill was written without any public input, and we should expect that pattern to continue as the Senate prepares to vote before the July 4th recess.

This is a rough timeline of what we can expect between now and July 1 for the proposed bill.

Here are key action to take between now and July 1

1) Click here to submit an amendment to the bill. Any Senator who wants can introduce an amendment to the bill. Each amendment must be read on the Senate floor and then voted upon. This process takes time and could potentially delay the vote until we have enough assurance that there are enough Senators who will vote against the bill.
2) Find out where senators stand on the bill and contact those on the fence. Urge them to vote no and explain how the proposed bill would affect you, your family, and your friends. If you are represented by a Democratic senator, urge them to introduce amendments. Click here for
3) Share this state-by-state toolkit with friends and family who live in key states.Senators from Alaska, Maine, West Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Arkansas have expressed concerns over the bill. Now is the time to increase outreach to these elected officials so they know their constituents share these concerns.
4) Come to an evening of Healthcare Advocacy on Tuesday, June 27 at 7pm. Join us at Turn of the Corkscrew in Rockville Centre to get updated on the latest news, write to Senators, and learn more about a new RaisingVoices Health Care Committee initiative to collect first-person stories about health insurance and how you and your family may be affected. RSVP to jill76@gmail.com

Thank you for raising your voice!