Action Update

The events this past weekend in Charlottesville left millions of Americans stunned, horrified, and deeply troubled. It is in the aftermath of such events that we must come together and raise our voices to stand up for what we believe in.

To those who marched, joined a rally, or went to a vigil this weekend, we thank you for your action. And if you can't attend an upcoming event, there are still many ways to condemn hatred, racism, and intolerance.

Ways to take action this week:

Speak out against hate.

  1. Call, email, fax, or write your elected officials at every level and demand that incidents such as the Unite the Right rally be immediately, swiftly, and unequivocally condemned. Tell them you want funding restored to fight right-wing, domestic terrorism. Let them know that we expect more from our great nation, and that these activities run directly counter to the direction we should be heading. Our elected officials represent us; make sure they hear your voices clearly and loudly today and every day, and especially in the voting booth. Find your elected officials here.
  2. Join the Unity and Diversity committee. Raise your voice for justice, for peace, for understanding, and for acceptance by working with others who are dedicated to building community. Learn more about the committee and join now to get involved.
  3. Display a "Hate has no Home Here" sign where you live or work.Let's flood our communities with symbols of love and acceptance. Signs cost $5 and orders are being taken through August 18. Click here to order your sign via email.

Learn the history behind what's happening with North Korea.

Before the events in Charlottesville, tensions with North Korea were dominating the headlines. If you're unsure of how we got to this point, or want a refresher on the history of diplomatic relations between the US and North Korea, this article will walk you through the milestones and help explain the current tensions.