Action Update

After a tumultuous summer session, our elected officials are heading home for the August recess. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to connect and share your priorities with your legislators!

Ways to take action this week:

Make the most of the August recess.

Make sure you know who your elected officials are and where they maintain a local office. Find your legislators.

Once you have this information, consider scheduling a legislative visit. Want to make sure your visit is productive? This tip sheet will help. Note that while you may not meet with your legislator, the legislative staff can be extremely helpful and are good contacts to maintain throughout your elected official's term.

Find and attend a Town Hall. Town Halls are an opportunity to speak in a public forum with other members of your state or district. While most coverage of Town Halls has focused on their contentious tones, these meetings can be productive ways to show support for or dissent with your legislator's position on key issues. The Town Hall Project maintains a list of known meetings. See if your legislators will be holding a Town Hall near you.

Please note that regular RaisingVoicesUSA meetings will resume in September, but we will continue to send you weekly action updates.