New York State Constitutional Convention Referendum

With Primary Day behind us, we turn our focus to November's Election Day, which includes a referendum on the NYS Constitutional Convention. While many members of this group are aware of this upcoming vote, please help spread the word to others as well. 

A link to general information appears below--please share this site widely, as it includes a history of Cons. Conv., pros and cons, an explanation of the process, upcoming related events, and more important information.

The unique democratic purpose of New York’s periodic constitutional convention referendum is to implement New Yorkers’ inalienable right to alter their constitution in cases where the interests of the legislature and people conflict. New York’s Constitution allows the people to exercise this right once every twenty years. To realize this democratic purpose, a convention must be substantially independent of the legislature’s control.  For example, New York’s Constitution prohibits the legislature from directly limiting a convention’s agenda. The agenda is placed in the hands of the people independently of the legislature. Democratic accountability is primarily sought by granting the people three votes over the process:

1. To call a convention, 2. to elect delegates to a convention, and 3. to ratify any amendments a convention might propose for their consideration.

The people cannot ratify any constitutional change in conflict with Federal law, including the U.S. Constitution.

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