Science and Environment


Committee mission:

Climate change deniers have no place in our administration. We ask that you publicly condemn all threats to repeal the Clean Power Plan and withdrawal from the Paris agreement. 

Aligning with the RaisingVoicesUSA “pro-issue” mission, this committee focuses on local, state, national and global issues that affect science research and public health in relation to the environment and climate change. At the local level we work to distribute information about local environmental issues and identify local issues and projects to organize around, advocate for, and meet with local officials about. At the national level we seek to provide information on global and national environmental issues and keep members informed about actions they can take in service of the environment.

The Committee advocates:

  • Environmental community service

  • Commitment to environmental mentoring

  • Strong partnerships with neighbors, business and community

  • Staying informed and disseminating information on issues relevant to the committee

  • Taking local, regional and national positive and proactive action on issues relevant to the committee

Our members commit to:

  • Emphasize continuous environmental improvement

  • Commit to communication and interaction with the public

  • Emphasize compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations

  • Keeping themselves and others informed about issues of interest to the committee

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